About Me


​I have been in the residential and commercial audio visual industry for nearly 20 years. From simple beginnings as a satellite installer to project engineer on systems with installation budgets of £500k.

The automation industry has changed a lot over the years and I have had to continually update my skills along the way. I take regular training courses on new products and have been involved with testing new systems for manufacturers.

How I Work

From initial consultation to completion I believe the customer has to be kept informed but not overloaded with information. Once the initial budget and design have been finalised it can take quite a while for something like a new build to be completed.

During that time technology can change and the system design should also change to adopt new technologies. If new options become available before or even during the installation phase then that option will always be presented to the client.


Brand Loyalty

Some installation companies will always try to use the same technologies in every installation. However, this may not meet your needs. I always install the equipment that best suits the system you want and not what the installer wants to sell.